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New Age Bedding System

New Age Bedding System (TM)The New Age Bedding System (NABS) is currently being used in nursing homes and community housing Australia wide. It is innovative in design and has enormous impact on overall costs. It will enhance new Aged Care building developments taking place at the moment and will bring already established facilities up to date.

The New Age Healthcare waterproof doona is made from a polyester base fabric which has been coated with polyurethane, providing a total barrier to dust mites and their allergens. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal finish and is breathable. The inside of the doona is a polyester fill and has been treated with silver (Ag) to facilitate infection control.

There are many doona cover designs to choose from allowing for easy design co-ordination. Like the doona they are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The fabric has been treated to ensure that the benefits derived from the doona are not lost on the doona cover. It is flame retardant, water repellent and complies with the Australian Standards. The underside of the doona cover is made from a commercial grade sheeting fabric and this eliminates the use of a top sheet.

Our doona and doona covers have a matching ingenious velcro attaching system - allowing for more efficient and easier bed making.

The fitted sheet is made from a polyester/cotton knitted fabric, making it easier to use and comfortable to sleep on. The cotton component of the fabric is on the top side of the sheet, next to the resident’s skin.

The waterproof pillow works in the same way as the waterproof doona and can be wiped down. It is extremely comfortable to sleep on as the waterproof fabric used is breathable and is not noisy.

All of these items together are called the New Age Bedding System (NABS). 

What are some of the benefits?

  • We have had very positive feedback from management, carers, laundry staff and the residents.
  • It can half the bed making time and reduce the amount of laundry, which will guarantee reductions in water, electricity and chemical usage.
  • There is no need to launder the waterproof doona; it can be wiped down the same way as a waterproof mattress. üüPositive impact on workcover premiums, due to reduced staff manual lifting. Reduced injuries add to Care Staff wellness and productivity.
  • Significant feedback from Care Staff who no longer need to lift heavy laundry bags of traditional linen to laundries from the resident beds.
  • Significant reduction in laundry time.
  • Laundry savings ranging between 25% - 40%, particularly where facilities use an external laundry service as such services can charge per item or per weight both having significant expense line impacts.
  • Utility savings ranging between 10% - 25%. Facility owners have commented on water and electricity savings within a short period of time from inducting the New Age Bedding System.
  • Pressure care due to the doona’s ability to achieve warmth without weight.
  • Carers and Supervisors have commented on an improved wellness in residents.
  • Significant freeing of Care Staff time to provide other important services to residents, particularly as traditional linen is tucked and folded.
  • Saving of space as traditional linen is not required, leaving room for towelling and other important care products. üüWhere traditionally facilities would hold fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, bed spreads/throw overs and pillow cases, with the New Age Bedding System only four (4) items are required.
  • The waterproof doona does not require laundry. If an accident or spillage occurs, wipe down with warm soapy water and if required a solvent may be used.
  • Feedback from residents that muscle soreness and limb tiredness has been reduced by NABS light weight nature. In addition, bed linen no longer has to be tucked in, therefore allowing freer nightly and sleeping movement.


Doona Cover

Knitted Poly/Cotton Fitted Sheet

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Waterproof Doona

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