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What our clients say...

We would like to thank all our clients for their support and trust in New Age Healthcare & Commercial Textiles - your Australian commercial linen supplier.

I am happy to recommend the New Age Bedding System that I purchased in 2005 for two very large aged care services. The doonas and doona covers remain in good condition and have not required replacement despite constant use for more than 7 years.

I purchased this system for another aged care facility in 2011 and have again been very happy with the product. The service provided by New Age Health Care was courteous and efficient and I am pleased to provide this reference.

The benefits of the system include the reduced staff time and energy required for bed making in comparison with traditional sheets and blankets as well as the reduced laundry volume and associated costs.

Residents find the system comfortable, light weight and warm. They look great on the bed and certainly enhance the environment.

I would certainly purchase this product again. 

Tracey Hurst
Churches of Christ in Queensland

Our facility previously had off site laundry and the New Age Bedding System was recommended by another supplier... It was exactly what we needed.

As an operator I have found that I am saving money on water, electricty, chemicals, insurance premiums and more importantly providing a safer environment for my staff.

I would highly recommend the New Age Bedding System to any prospective clients of New Age Healthcare and cannot speak highly enough of their commitment to customer service.

Tony Antonopoulos
The Alexander

We were initially attracted to the light weight doona with velcro cover and terry fitted sheet because we were trying to indentify ways to improve staff time efficiencies. We undertook a trial in our high care facility and the staff loved it instantly. That was some 3 years ago and since then we have implemented the products in our low care facility as well.

The benefits have been far greater than just time saved making beds:

  • Time and money saved in the laundry with a reduction in the total amount of linen being processed and a reduction in the drying times with the elimination of blankets.
  • Independence from and cost savings by eliminating the laundry contractor and making more efficient use of our own laundry equipment and staff.
  • Significant reduction in use of kylies due to absorbant nature of the fitted sheet.
  • Increased Elder comfort due to bed clothing weight reduction.
  • Decreased trip/fall risk from absence of draping linen.
  • Improved ‘look’ of the made bed due to the available choices of cover fabric.

We have had absolutely no regrets changing to this linen and would recommend any facility to do the same.

Sue Bowditch
Jacaranda Village

During the period prior to the opening of some our facilities, several textile companies were approached regarding linen supply. New Age Healthcare & Commercial Textiles Pty. Ltd. was one of these companies and Churches of Christ Community Care was very impressed with its ‘New Age Bedding System’...

Although the original outlay for the doona, doona cover and bottom sheet was higher than for traditional sheets and blankets, this outlay is recouped within the first six months of purchase with reduction in laundry costs...

I am happy to report that the residents accepted it very well, to the extent that existing residents requested to have the New Age Bedding System in place of the traditional sheets and blankets.

Janis Veldwyk
Churches of Christ Community Care

On behalf of Dalkeith Hostel, I would like to give you the following critique in regards to the bedding we have purchased from your company...

  • Laundry Staff have said it washes well
  • Staff find it time efficient when making beds
  • Residents say it is cool and not heavy on them
  • It only takes one person to make a bed
  • There is less washing - no blankets and less sheets, which makes it energy and financially efficient

Teresa Cowley
Grace Bruce & JL MacMillian Memorial Home Inc

We have had the system in use now since July 2008, and the feedback received has been nothing but positive.

From a management perspective we have seen a signficant reduction in our daily laundry process, quicker bed making time, less staff hours required to staff laundry and make beds in the facility. The final product looks fantastic and gives the facility a more homely feel. Being lightweight also reduces the weight on our residents who still feel warm and comfortable when in bed. Staff find the system very simple to use and clean.

I would highly recommend the New Age Bedding System to any facility looking for ways to reduce costs and maximise staff output.

Elizabeth Morgan
Springtime Sydenham

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